Parents who wish to enroll their child at ZISPP must complete an application form that is available in the admission office. Students entering K5 and above will be asked to complete a leveled entrance test. The school’s administration and teaching staff will evaluate all the information to determine the entry level of the child. A parent interview may also be required.

Along lines of social growth and developmental stages; therefore we attempt to keep students of the same ages grouped together unless there is a significant need or reason for a student to join a different grade. Please see the table below to find which level your child will most likely be placed. However, through assessment tests or other evidence, the school may determine that the child is not adequately prepared, either academically or emotionally, for the next sequential grade level.

Children must be two years old by August of that year to be eligible for K2 and six years old by September of that year to be eligible for first grade.

K2 2– 3
K3 3 – 4
K4 4 – 5
K5 5 – 6
Grade 1 6– 7
Grade 2 7 – 8
Grade 3 8– 9
Grade 4 9 – 10
Grade 5 10 – 11
Grade 6 11 – 12

Notification of Admission:

Parents of students at K2 to K4 level are invited to undertake a two-day trial in order for us to determine school readiness in a classroom context. Upon completion of an entrance evaluation, the parents will be notified of the student’s admission level and can proceed with payment at that time.


The following documents are necessary for each student’s cumulative file:

  • Eight recent 4*6 size photos.
  • Photo of other adults who will pick-up student from school.
  • Copies of standardized test scores / records/ report from previous schools.
  • For students transferring to ZISPP from another school in Cambodia, a completed transfer certificate is necessary. This may be obtained from the student’s previous school.
  • A clear copy of parents’ Cambodian I.D card and photo, or international passport if not a Cambodian citizen.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of statement of any medical or special needs.
  • Contact for hospital choice in case of medical emergency.

School may also request any additional documents it deems necessary to assess a child for entrance to ZISPP.

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