Why Choose Us?

We are committed to developing a truly exceptional educational environment and outstanding faculty and staff to help your child learn and grow.

International Staff

Our staff are truly an example of the international mindedness we teach and promote here at ZISPP. As our curriculum is International and encompasses international values we truly value and share the depth and width of experience our teaching staff bring to the school and the understandings they help to awaken in our children.

IPC and your Childs Education

Independent study skills, resilience, flexibility and self-motivation are key factors that will ensure our students are prepared for a future filled with change. Through inquiry and exploration students lead themselves and their teacher on a journey to discover what knowledge skills and understandings they have, can learn and can build on.

InfiniD Lab Simulator

This year we begin the major focus to our STEM vision with the outfitting of a new IT Learning Lab which enables us to build on the strengths of traditional classroom based learning by taking advantage of cutting edge educational applications such as Waterford Early Learning, Mathletics and Infini-D Learning’s spaceship simulator.


INFINI D Learning provides students with the opportunity to creatively apply what they learn in the classroom. Through game-like simulation modules, engaging team missions, and immersive environments; each students’ mastery of classroom instruction is put to the test in a variety of subject areas with innovative technical and social skill training. The INFINI D Lab keeps teachers involved in the learning process, allows them to teach their own lessons, and brings the subject matter to life. All you need to do is prep your tech, prep your students, and off you go!